“I must say clearly, I cannot vote for people who tormented me,” states former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe  in media briefing he hosted outside his home, in the captial Harare. Mugabe used this time to bash his former party ZANU-PF and publicly back opposition MDC’s candidate Nelson Chamisa, which prompted ZANU – PFs Emmerson Mnangagwa to…..

Tertiary: The survival of the fittest zone

Being in tertiary is such a great experience and a very challenging one at the same time. Just imagine coming from the rural area, being exposed to this ‘deep end of life’ and expected to adjust just like that. University and high school life is so different. This is a place whereby nobody spoon-feeds you with…..

Zuma back in court

The former president Jacob Zuma is expected to appear in Pietermaritzburg High Court Zuma is facing 16 counts of corruption, fraud, racketeering and money-laundering related to the arms deal bribe. He will appear for the first time with a new legal team made up of four senior advocates and one junior counsel that are estimated to…..

[PODCAST] Matt Tsolo talking about depression on #TheAfternoonShutdown

Yersterday, on the Afternoon Shutdown Show Matt Tsolo had a very intereresting and informative interview with a DUT student Joko and Nqobile, the Medical Doctor with interest in Functional and Aesthetic Medicine. Matt said  emotional exertion and psychological stresses are amongst the leading reasons why university students suffer from depression and anxiety. Listen to FULL interview below: Listen…..

AKA calling out ”fake” fans

One of the biggest South African Hip-Hop artist released an Album titled ‘Touch My Blood’ which has been doing well in sales so far. However, the artist is showing signs of being not impressed at all about the album’s sales. Yersterday, he slammed his followers on twitter, accusing them for not supporting his craft. Kiernan Forbes,…..

How impatience leads to accidents

Car accidents have different causes, but the most common one is impatience.   Impatient motorists are used to running a red light instead of proceeding causiously after the light turned yellow. Their habit might save them some time, but at the same time it can lead to a number of deadly-car-crash. In South African highways, car…..


Since former president Robert Mugabe was forced to step down by a military-assisted transition, Zimbabwe’s presidential elections are scheduled for 30th of July, Monday. Zimbabweans are both thrilled and anxious by this elections turnout. After the death of Mugabe’s long-time opponent Morgan Tsvangirai his party the Movement of Democratic Change (MDC-T) spilt. Leaving political affairs in the…..


Emotional exhaustion and psychological distress are amongst the leading reasons University students suffer from depression and anxiety. Students in medical, dental, law and nursing education often show particular rises in depression, even in these fields females are perceived to be higher risks. “The importance of the mental health of college students is highlighted by studies suggesting…..


  On the AM2PM Show, Denmark Vee unpacked an issue that affect a women’s image with Andile Jiyane and Sibusisiwe Maphumulo from Agenda Feminist Media. Maphumulo said one of the biggest issues that young women face is lack of self-love and confidence. “We rely on other people to make us feel beautiful so we can be…..

[PODCAST] Bright hosted YELNASTIE on #TheFeelGoodBreakfastShow

On The Feel Good Breakfast Show, Bright and Nelly caught up with a talented young artist known by YELNASTIE. They had a chat about the artist’s recent projects and also his single that is currently sitting at 26 thousand downloads at the moment on #slikouronlife. Yelnastie is  the owner of DSM Media Company that is helping…..