A look at why grilled food is the better option for students

Fried food is always seen as the go-to food for not only DUT students, but all students alike at lunch time. The next time you are thinking of digging into that fried/oil dunked meal, you might want to think about the long term effects that meal might have on your body. As the saying goes ‘a…..

MyChoiceMyFuture:HIV Prevention for Sero-discordant Couples

HIV sero-discordant couples, in which one partner is HIV-positive and the other is HIV-negative, are increasingly recognized as a priority for HIV prevention in developing countries. While the topic focuses on HIV sero-discordant couples, prevention for sero-discordant couples does not occur in isolation from programs for HIV negative concordant and HIV positive concordant couples or more…..

DUT Dialogue Session: Nexus between Democracy and student leadership

The Student Governance and Development Department invites all Students to a special dialogue Session, that talks to the Nexus between Democracy and student Leadership on the 22nd of May 2015 (This Friday) at the Mansfield Hall-DUT. This Important session is scheduled to start at 13:00 – 16:00. Additional Notices: If you wish to check your registration…..

#NaughtyCorner: Is it a serious relationship or is it simply a rebound?

“A person might be considered on the rebound if he or she becomes involved in a relationship that shortly follows the ending of a previous one. Those on the rebound are assumed to have distress as a result of their prior relationship, and therefore their emotional availability is in question. Commonly it is assumed that if…..

How using the internet to self-diagnose can make things worse: Dr Google

It has been recently discovered  that more and more patients depend on Dr Google  to self-diagnose health issues, are you one of them? Tune into RadioDUT’s Am to Pm(11:00 am-13:00pm) show on the 21st of May 2015 as we discussed : how using the the internet to self – diagnose your self can make things worse. During…..

Cash Time Fam at Radio DUT on the 21st of May 2015

SA Hip hop royalty will yet again grace the RadioDUT studios on Thursday the 21st May 2015 and this time it’s non other than the Cash Time Life crew members. This exclusive interview is scheduled to be LIVE during the Lunch With The Girls  show(#LWTG) between 1-3 pm. The Cash Time Family, is quite big family indeed…..

RadioDUT Salutes KZN talent : Pluto Broes

The Brothers (Shaun Mfusi and Keith Mfusi) started hosting events in the year 2009 where Pluto Broes made its mark as Durban party Custodians hosting events of magnitude. The aim was to set the standard for Durban entertainment and party scenes with outstanding photography and graphics, introducing digital art as a platform for events marketing. …..

About Hiphop Music With DJ SWB

Hip hop music, also called hip-hop, rap music,or hip-hop music, is a music genre consisting of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted.It developed as part of hip hop culture, a subculture defined by four key stylistic elements: MCing/rapping, DJing/scratching, break dancing, and graffiti writing.Other elements include…..

Who are the biggest liars, men or women? #WhoLiesMore

“Men lie all the time. We lie so much it’s damn near a language…. you [women] gotta let some sh*t slide”The argument I take from this is that men are more or less programmed to lie. It’s an innate part of their genetic makeup therefor we, as women, should be more forgiving and lenient. I call…..

Defence Mechanisms and Psychology: Can you spot your favourite form of self-deception?

“Defence Mechanisms are unconscious protective mechanisms to prevent you from unpleasant feelings such as anxiety thoughts etc. We all have used them at some point of our lives”   FOR MORE ON THE TOPIC LIVE STREAM THIS EXCLUSIVE TALK WITH Candice Leith on radiodut.ndstream.net on the Am2PM show on the 14th of May 2015(THURSDAY) Hosted by…..