Mo Magic Theatre Show Coming To Durban

Following season one of his successful prime time TV show “Magic with Mo”, on SABC3, Mo Magic takes to the stage. Lucky for you he will be at our Radio DUT studios tomorrow on Lunch with girls. Be sure to tune in and find out more about our very own Mzansi magician. Mo Magic will perform…..

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NaakMusiQ Denies Assault charges!!!!!

Musician Anga Makubalo has come out strongly against reports that he assaulted a security guard at his housing estate in Johannesburg. Sunday Sun reported that neighbours in the complex complained about noise levels while Anga was throwing a party. When a security guard went to assess the situation, the paper claimed Anga beat up the security…..

Zuma Proposes To Pay Back The Money

Proposes solution to Nkandla days before court hearing. See statement, reactionary tweets.   In a statement issued by the Presidency  late on Tuesday night President Jacob Zuma has proposed to pay back an amount to be determined by the Auditor-General and the minister of finance for any benefit he derived from the upgrades to his Nkandla…..

“My hands are clean” – FW De Klerk

FW de Klerk says the Anti-Racism Action Forum (Araf) is welcome to lay charges against him for crimes against black people during apartheid. “I have no fear whatsoever. My hands are clean,” he said. “This is news to me, and they are welcome to do so,” said De Klerk when asked about the development on the…..

#TrackOfTheDay “Busha bethu” by Dj Wobby ft Dreamteam, Nasty_C & Mgarimbe

“Busha bethu” is Dj Wobbly’s latest offering , featuring Dream Team and the soon to be 19 years old Nasty_C The track is a true representation of what the youth jammed downed to 9 years ago  and contains original the beats from Sista bettina by deceased Magarimbe.     Listen to it here:

Chomee Prays For Strength!!!

Janu-worry may be over, but something is still keeping Chomee down. The popular singer had a rough 2015, even calling the last couple of months “the worst time of my life (more on that here). But whatever is bothering our Chomee seems to have returned, leaving her feeling in a state she says she never wants…..

Loneliness is a public health hazard

It torments the young and terrorises the old. It carved “caverns” in Emily Dickinson’s soul and left William Blake “bereaved of light.” Loneliness, long a bane of humanity, is increasingly seen today as a serious public health hazard. Scientists who have identified significant links between loneliness and illness are pursuing the precise biological mechanisms that make…..

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#TrackOfTheDay “PillowTalk” Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik’s debut solo single has gone straight to number one in 60 countries on its release day and helping him along his way was stunning model, Gigi Hadid. Since splitting with Perrie and the band, Zayn found a new path as a solo artist with Gigi on his arm and of course, when you’ve got…..

Major overhaul for SABC talent expected

Over the next few weeks the entertainment industry is set to undergo its annual shake-up, which could see many personalities getting the chop and shows being canned. The SABC comes under the spotlight every year, as it is during this time that contracts are reviewed and renewed. With the rumour mill showing no signs of slowing…..

Welcome Back Phumeza Mdabe!!!!!

When actress and former OPW presenter Phumeza Mdabe decided to take a break from TV, we all died a little inside. And while fans constantly reached out to her on social media to try convince her to return to the screen, many of them did not know Phumeza’s difficult and deeply personal reason for taking a…..