Sibusiwe Maphumulo, Denmark Vee and Andile Jiyane on the #AM2PMShow Image: Thandeka Hlongwa

On the AM2PM Show, Denmark Vee unpacked an issue that affect a women’s image with Andile Jiyane and Sibusisiwe Maphumulo from Agenda Feminist Media.

Maphumulo said one of the biggest issues that young women face is lack of self-love and confidence.

“We rely on other people to make us feel beautiful so we can be able to accept ourselves,” she said.

Jiyane said women need to stand together and speak out about such body matters.

Chidera Eggerue, 23, Kenyan Blogger currently based in the UK started a hash tag called #SaggyBoobsMatter after she was judged in public for having saggy boobs at a young age. According to an article published by the Division of Plastic Surgery in the University of Kentucky, Lexington, a single cause does not cause breast sagging. Weight loss, smoking, large breasts and pregnancy are all possible causes of ptosis.

Maphumulo believes that bras are just pure torture and if anyone does not want to wear it, they do not have to.

“People associate saggy boobs with being sexually active or having had a child.  This diminishes girl’s self-confidence; they end up not being comfortable in their bodies and more especially uncomfortable with their breasts.”

“It is extremely disappointing to learn that woman who they, themselves have go through similar situations put down and shame other woman with what society regards as imperfections,” Jiyane said.

Jiyane blames cultural beliefs for women are ill-treated based on their body.

According to her, sacred traditional events such as the reed dance have been commercialised a lot in the recent years, and turn into a tourist attraction.

“This is just exploitation of innocent young women who still believe in the Zulu tradition”

Jiyane said men are ridiculous with their so called “packages” that women need to conform to. She also raised a point regarding the importance of teaching young boys to appreciate women bodies as diverse as they are.

Has this topic wet your appetite ? Join the ladies from the AFM again next week as thet tackle gender related issues promptly at 12h15 with Denmark V.

Listen to the clip below for more information:

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By Mndaba Lindelani


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