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On Monday August 17, the AM2PM show’s presenter Denmark Vee once again hosted the Agenda Feminist Media feature with Andile Jiyane. They talked about gender roles and changes in the roles of both men and women in their relations or relationships.

Recently we have had guys having baby showers, be celebrate and having fun. A lot of controversy has been going on with regards to these kinds of events rather, like what kind of a man does a baby shower?

Jiyane said she personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with men celebrating that he’s going to be a father the same way that women do.

“I think as people we have been so caught up in the belief that only women are supposed to happy and celebrating that they are expecting and men shouldn’t,” she said.

According to Jiyane baby shower should be done for both parents, celebrate together that they are both expecting a little one.

“It shouldn’t be just an event for the woman only as if she is expecting a baby on her own.”

According to an article from the Huffington, baby showers baby showers emerged in 1937. Since things were so expensive to purchase back in the day rituals dating back to colonial America centered on the pregnant woman herself and emphasized relationships among women in the community.

Apparently colonial women held “birthing parties” in the home of the pregnant woman, in which friends ate “groaning cakes” and drank “groaning beer” in sympathy with the mother to be labor pains, and then celebrated with a second feast after the child’s healthy birth.

Even poor colonial women who could not afford to provide lavish meals experienced labor and after-birth surrounded by female friends. Author Elizabeth Pleck in her book on American family rituals says that the community of women who gathered for the birth of a child, widespread in colonial times and throughout the nineteenth century, was part of a cradle-to-grave system of emotional support among women.

Jiyane said home births declined and hospital births increased by the 1940s, and as religious rituals of child baptism became more private, the practice of pre-birth baby showers gained in popularity.

By the post-World War II period, the baby shower was an established rite of passage, and along with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Kwanzaa, it became one of the few lasting American rituals created in the 20th century.

“So, as we have seen the evolution of baby showers over the years, in modern day men are now welcome to be part of baby showers, it is no longer just an event for women alone, I believe this is a good building block to educate man about pregnancy and taking care of the baby once it arrives. After all mothers to-be get tips and learn more about raising a baby once it arrives and this knowledge should be passed on to both sexes if we want to fight patriarchy,” Jiyane said.

Would you as a man have a baby shower for yourself celebrating the pregnancy of your wife or girlfriend?

Listen to the Clip below for more information:

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By Mndaba Lindelani

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