Know your cash Campaign

  • The financial care corporation in partnership with the South African insurance association was thrilled to present the Know your cash campaign powered by Radiodut hosted on the 9th and 10th of may at the Steve Biko campus. The campaign was about raising awareness to financial literacy and for students to manage and understand their money better. The campaign was a huge success and student participated in great numbers. Visit for more pictures and content .

Radiodut auditions

  • The radiodut team is excited to welcome the new on air personalities with the 2019 Radiodut auditions. Every year the station holds auditions to welcome and nature raw talent, from many hopefuls the number was reduced down to? Radiodut is proud to welcome the new presenters. Visit for more information.


The 2019 Durban University of technology Graduations kicked off with a bang, we congratulate the class of 2019 for your hard work and dedication. Radiodut Salutes you! Great work!


 RadioDut went on a journey to discover raw talent around the various campuses in the #what’syourtalentactivation. The students showed up in large numbers and the activation was a success as we managed to discover new and fresh talent, and also had an opportunity to engage with students in a very fun way as that is always the motive. We had learners also send through their music to the station as a way to give back to the student community.


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