With the Student Representative Council (SRC) members being inaugurated this Friday at the Steve Biko Fred Crook’s Sports Centre, students already have their expectations.

The EFFSC has taken all 8 seats in the Durban council and 4 seats in Midlands with SASCO claiming three seats in the Midlands.

Aphelele Ndabazandile garnered the most votes with over 5000 votes.

In his manifesto video he said students should be able to “register for free”.

“Students should be able to see their results even if they owe the institution”

Aphelele Ndabazandile – Incoming SRC member

He also mentioned the issues of photocopying and printing emphasising that it should also be “free”.

However, DUT students have also come forward with what they would like to be done for them.

“I want them to fix the NSFAS issues, allowances should distributed on time. Also for us Semester students, the late payments disrupts studying since students don’t have money and also because they are always striking”

Phiwainkosi – Fist Year IT student

“They should find solutions beforehand. We know here at DUT at the beginning of the year when students are frustrated, they act as if they didn’t know the trend, whereas it has been happening for the longest time.

Solethu Ntsi – Tax Level 3 student

Over the years, self-paying students have complained about the neglect that they have been facing from the SRC.

“It would be better if they (SRC) meets us half-way with our tuition fees and decrease the fees by a certain percentage”

S4 Chemical Engineering Student

One student says he is happy with what is happening.

“At the moment, I am quite okay with all that they are currently doing”

Second year Chemical Engineering Student

The protest action by the EFF was highlighted by a couple of students.

“The SRC is okay, however they have to consider that we all come from different backgrounds and that we can’t just strike and not study because some of us want to change the situations we come from.”

Second Year Student

“I am not saying they should not strike, but they should hurry up”

More students backed up his point.

“The strike is the only thing I didn’t like”

Final Year Taxation Student

Promises have been made, the students have spoken.

As we wait for the new SRC to be sown into office, what would you like them to do or continue doing for you?

Matshidiso Tsolo

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