Mrs Thobile Zulu Was Impressed With The Graduate Alive Dialogue

By: Lungelo Ngcamu

DUT HIV/AIDS Centre Manager, Mrs Thobile Zulu was impressed with the Graduate Alive Dialogue 2015 that was held at Mansfield Hall, Ritson campus on Thursday.

The dialogue aimed at giving students a pla12020359_446378658868617_2134687538_otform where they can share their views regarding HIV/AIDS.

Mrs Zulu said that the dialogue was informative and gave hope since students shared issues that HIV/AIDS Centre wanted to hear.

“For me the dialogue was very informative, exciting and it gave hope because students spoke about issues that we would like to hear. They were open about the issues of HIV/AIDS and it really encouraging and also know that there is really something good that we are doing. We are hoping for the best,” said Zulu.

Zulu went on saying that she learnt a lot from the today’s dialogue.

“I learnt a lot, I learnt that students are aware of their problems and of what they should be doing. For me that was encouraging because sometimes when you organize event around HIV, you think people won’t come but in this case they participated. The issues they were raising were relevant,” Zulu added.

Moreover Zulu lamented people who are labelling others due to their HIV/AIDs statues saying it has to come to an end.
“I think we need to fight with the stigma because it is really existing,” said Zulu.

The dialogue panel included representatives from different organisations that are YCL, SASCO, Aluta and peer educators.

This was a pre-dialogue, the main one will be staged on the 2nd of October at Ritson campus.

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