living life with ‘sybarites’


Picture yourself in a scenario where you’re in a relationship with new friends that are so into lavish lifestyle and they expect you to fit in.

Most of the people that love lavish lifestyle usually doesn’t have steady jobs.

Undeniably, studying in varsity is not cheap especially with the rising of living cost in the country. Food prices from the cafeteria are so high in a way that can even empty student’s pocket.

Living a simple life is such a great decision that a student can take. People need to avoid living their lives pleasing their friends.

Having friends that enjoys going out , might be a huge problem at some point. There is nothing wrong with partying actually, but the problem is with extensive partying. It must come second to your studies.

How do you respond to the kind of people that doesn’t make good money but are busy spending more on their materialistic lifestyle?

By Mndaba Lindelani

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