LISTEN : Students express their thoughts on the ongoing strike at DUT

The Durban University of Technology staff have been striking for five weeks now and evidently, it has affected a lot of people within the institution, from the general staff member to the students all the way to the management itself.

RadioDUT went out to find out how the students felt about the way management is handling the situation. Students from all campuses had something to something to say, LISTEN :



The DUT staff have since received a two-page letter from  Vice Chancellor Prof Mthembu, he expressed in the letter how he felt towards the ongoing strike and that the matter is being dealt with by people higher than him. The staff members are adamant to continue striking until their needs are heard & met.
The union leaders also stated how sad they feel that this is hurting the students. They stressed how this strike does not have any personal agenda behind it and would like to set the record straight that they simply want their needs met so that they can move forward.

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