Kabelo touch down RadioDUT

Sensational Kwaito singer, Kabelo Mabalane, has graced RadioDUT with his presence for his first time interview on his latest track- Matimba.

Kabelo was punctual on arrival and began his interview by thanking RadioDUT for the opportunity and his fans for their immense support.

Matimba, which is a purely an African song, was released in November last year and has been a hit ever since. The song has caused an explosion in the African music industry and nothing less was expected from the former TKZee member. Kabelo said that his music will always have Kwaito in it and he will always sing to the people from ekasi. “If you are from ekasi it will never leave you,” said Kabelo.

Kabelo is keen on creating a music video for this hot track and said the shoot will begin next month in neighboring country Mozambique.

Kabelo’s next album is Pan African themed and he uses various different languages such as Tsotsi Taal, Aruba and Portuguese to name a few. “My next album is Pan African and from Pan African we take over the world.”

Despite being held in such a high regard in society, Kabelo always recalls his humble beginnings and says that people in society need to always be effective wherever they are because they are duty bound and the reward will be 10 times better than the effort they instill.

On the flip side of the musician lays also a loyal and loving husband to his wife Gail Nkoane. “Ask God when you’re looking for a partner because he made you and he knows who will compliment you,” he enthused.

And he also couldn’t resist sharing with us how proud he is to be a father soon.

– Laeeka Edries

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