Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Thuli Zuma visited RadioDUT

Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Thuli Zuma visited RadioDUT on the 17/02/2015, along with three other talented personalities who spoke to us about their love for music and poetry.

The well known Thuli who began sharing her poetry in 2011 is a BA live performance graduate from AFDA in Cape Town. Thuli is a live performance coach on the show Uzalo which is broadcasted on SABC. Last year Thuli completed one poem each day giving her a total of 365 poems in total. Thuli was always good at writing and loved music, but she said she was not good at singing, therefore poetry was the best choice for her. “Writing is a muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it will become.” Thuli treated us to a short poetry moment which captivated our hearts.

Joining Thuli on the Feel Good Breakfast show was Felix M who describes himself as a spoken word artist. Felix graduated from the Creative Arts College and has released three singles and his first single expressed his feelings to his late mother. Felix began his career by creating radio jingles when people around him saw his hidden talent. “Poetry for me is spiritual, I don’t freestyle.” Felix confessed that he does not write down his work until he is recording. One of the highlights in his career was hosting a show on VibeFm.

The third poet on the show was Mzamo, who says he is a storyteller. Mzamo’s talent was discovered by his primary school teacher when he recited a poem written by himself. “I had to sing a song to the class and I knew that I could produce a better song, so I wrote something and read it to the class. My teacher told me this is poetry and took me to poetry sessions.” Mzamo’s career has excelled since then and he has produced three albums. He is currently working on an online TV show.

Lastly in studio was Scelo Gwane, a singer who showcased his compilation, Gemini, at the Bat Centre to introduce himself to the industry. Gwane along with his friends from high school opened up a company called B Five Entertainment. Gwane told us that he was inspired by the guitar but his mother was unable to afford one at that time. “I made my own guitar from sunflower oil bottle to know what it would feel like.” After graduating from the KwaMashu Arts Centre, Gwane joined a learnership programme where he learnt dance,music and acting. Gwane mentioned one of his famous songs “Mtsheli” which featured Mzokoloko and was played on Ikasi Fm.

The four stars are active on Twitter and people who are interested in their performances can keep in touch with them via social networks.

Check out the YouTube video of her Performing Live at RadioDUT studios here: http://youtu.be/GX1Pcvv7-KI

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