It’s not too late to make stress your new buddy

At some point in your life you will experience stress, be it as a scholar or home executive-stress is inevitable.
For years now, studies have revealed that Stress welcomes the risk of everything from common colds to cardiovascular disease. Stress is the foremost enemy to human kind. Doctors have been working against stress to help alleviate their patients’ health conditions, but as of recent, new discoveries have led to an even greater chance of using stress to benefit one’s lifestyle endeavors.
At a recent TedTalks seminar, Health Psychologist, Dr Kelly McGonigal embraced the idea of making stress your healthy approach to a better life.

“I’ve been spending so much energy telling people stress is bad for your health. Can changing how you think about stress make you healthier? And here the science says yes.”
-Kelly McGonigal

Stress increases your heart rate, fastens your breathing causing you to break out into a sweat- these are interpreted as signs of anxiety or pressure. However, Dr McGonigal suggested that these could also be signs of energy release or signs that your body is preparing you for that challenge.
She later added that if you view stress in that way, your body believes you and your approach to stress becomes healthier.

A crowd source on Facebook created a platform for people to share their stress management ideas and Louselle Benjamin- Pillai from New Zealand, said: “Keep in mind ‘This too shall pass’. Those words will give you strength through the tough times & make you appreciate the goods times a little more.”

– By Mary Anne Isaac

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