Imbokodo Jazz Festival




Radiodut’s Sunday Breeze had the privilege of being invited to the annual Imbokodo Jazz Festival that occurred on the 12th of August 2017 at the N-shed cruise terminal port of Durban.
Our host was expecting smokey rooms with jazz performers singing about the blues as well as spaced out audiences who would “bob” their heads to the slow sounds but she was pleasantly surprised.
The event was nothing like she had imagined and she experienced jazz on another level. The attendees were amped and ready to soak in soulful and soothing musical performances while also getting down to upbeat smooth sounds.
The stage was set ablaze by performances of the likes of Umlazi Comtech’s Jazz Ensemble, who took to the stage and delivered a superb performance. The group consisted of Zintle Msane, who is the vocalist, Samkelo Njinji, the pianist, Nkosi Andile Mbambo,, the drummer, and Tseleng Mokhatla, who played the flute. If you thought jazz was music for the “older generation” it’s time for you to re-educate yourself as these young women had a strong stage presence and were entertaining. Their delivery was well executed as you could see that they knew their music very well and had ample rehearsal time. What a soulful performance that left me interested in hearing more of what these ladies had to offer.
There were even “lovebirds” who ignited sparks of Valentine’s Day in August, as some of the festival goers got down and fell in love all over again. Couples took to the floor, showing us moves that you have to have been around to know and that being married for more than 15 years doesn’t mean that the flame of love is non-existant.
The ambiance was chilled and relaxed, as the music played on while attendees got to mingle. This event let people from different backgrounds, more specifically, different walks of life, to come together and enjoy the one thing that unites all who were drawn to the event…… which is great music.
The University of Kwa-Zulu Natal’s jazz band was also on hand to perform and they are one band to look out for. They are young people who have an ear and the love for the genre of jazz.
The Imbokodo Jazz festival made our host proud to be at the festival as women as well as young people were given a platform to showcase their talent on such a grand scale. We certainly thank the organisers for all the good vibes as well as the chance for talent to grow by gaining all the experience that they need by taking part in this festival.
We certainly learnt to never diss jazz ever again hence our new saying on the Sunday Breeze once you go jazz you will never go back. So be sure to attend the Imbokodo Jazz Festival next year where the line-up will be charged up in 2018.
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By; Bongumusa Dhlamini


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