IEC Denies Involvement in DUT SRC Elections

After the dissatisfaction by the Economic Freedom Fighters Students Command (EFFSC) over ‘fraudulent’ election results, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has denied its involvement in the elections.

The EFFSC claims that the results were rigged by the IEC and SASCO.

On their Facebook page, the party said that after the first day of the counting of votes, they were leading with high numbers.

“On Friday the counting process started at around 12 o’clock which the EFFSC took the lead from the start. After Ritson and Steve Biko campus ballots boxes were counted, the EFFSC opened a huge gap lead that would not be stopped even if the remaining ballot boxes had 100% of votes for other parties,” it wrote.

The post continues to say that the IEC then proposed the counting system be changed which the EFFSC observers rejected. As a result of the rejection, some of the party’s observers were kicked out of the counting venue and were evicted by MI7 securities.

According to the page, the results changed drastically after the change of the counting system, putting the white SASCO in the lead.

The EFFSC further said that they were alerted by ‘IEC staff ‘about rigged votes.

“After hours on Saturday we were called by IEC staff which admitted that we were robbed during the (break- time) while our observers were out,” the page reported.The Independent Electoral Commission has denied facilitating the DUT SRCelections.

The IEC told RadioDut that they were not involved in the elections, though banners from the organisation were seen all over the voting stations.

With the EFFSC and IEC claims, the truth about who the facilitators of the voting process were remains a mystery.


By: Pamela Sibiya

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