ICASA fights to lower data costs for users.

Communications regulator ICASA has published draft regulations, that’ll prevent operators from expiring users’ data. This is an effort to lower the costs incurred by the public on data use.

“Amendments of the regulations have been on the cards simply because there has been an outcry by the public that data is expensive,” says spokesperson Paseka Maleka.

It has been reported that, ICASA is planning to change the End-user and Subscriber Service Charter Regulations to prevent telecommunications operators from expiring users’ data for up to 24 months.

“We are looking into data expiry and used minutes. The aim of we reduce the cost of data even further and people have access to their data for a longer period,” says Maleka.

Maleka said interested parties will be given until 19 September 2017 to comment on the proposed regulations,

Communications industry regulator ICASA has assured parliament it will fight for the high cost of data to come down‚ specifically targeting high out-of-bundle data costs and expiring data bundles.

Reports state that ICASA said the high cost of communicating would be tackled in its new regulations‚ with South Africa said to have some of the highest costs of communication in the world.

“The cost to communicate must come down‚ there is no two ways about it. And it must come down significantly” ICASA acting chair Ruben Mohlaloga told Parliament.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa appeared before Parliament’s select committee on communications and public enterprises to detail the high costs to communicate in South Africa.


By: Naledi Sikhakhane




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