“I was there and did nothing” #OmotosoTrial


“Timothy Omotoso raped those girls and I never believed them. Because a man of God is not for such but today I truly wish I had a gun in those days to shoot him for what he kept doing to our friends and sisters. This is my True story,” Thanduxolo Jindela said.

Jindela posted on his Facebook timeline saying he remember how he kept in hiding, one of Omotoso’s victims as she was running away from her church mothers and afraid, after she was numerously raped by Omotoso and got possessed with some strange evil powers.

Jindela said whilst his friends who were church members said it was a lie, the  young kept crying to sleep every night shouting Xolo Daddy, am sorry Daddy.

“We got used to her tears. She was ONLY 16 and one of first victims of night vigil rape and abuse as she ended up being a sex worker”

According to Jindela, few years later the young disappeared.

Jindela said, “I pray that she’s watching Cheryl Zondi and also find strength to come out. Tim Omotoso destroyed so many young girls’ futures. We tried to protect them by powers vested in us couldn’t allow. We fought and were called names. I am glad the truth is finally out.”

He also said girls went to Jesus Dominion International church because of music and opportunities for their singing careers which Omotoso promised them.


“We must never allow this to happen eBhayi. We must protect our young girls at all costs.”

By Mndaba Lindelani




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