On Lunch With The Girls, your dazzling host Asiphe Ntuli had  a touching and inspirational discussion, focusing on the issue of rape in our country.

She invited Scelo Mncube who is an author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur.

Mncube talked about his book that he has put together which outlines his life story and painful past that he titled I WAS RAPED…AND YOU WERE BORN. In this book, Scelo talks about him being the product of rape.

He also talked about how he became successful.

Mncube shares a similar sentiment with Zandi who was also the guest.

On the show, Zandi shared a story of how being multiply raped changed her life and how she managed to heal from those scares and look forward to her bright career as she is doing her first year in drama studies at Durban University of Technology.

Listen to the clip below for more:

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By Mndaba Lindelani


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