I say, we dare to disappoint – DUT SRC President Godlimpi


‘’Because you and me, we share the same pain of suffering of black people in general and Africans in particular’’


As students casted their votes few weeks back to elect members of the 2018/19 Students’ Representative Councils at various Durban University of Technology campus, the member of Economic Freedom Fighters Students Command (EFFSC) was sworn in as the president, overthrowing the mighty South African Students Congress (SASCO).

The inauguration took place on Monday of September 10 at the Fred Crookes Sport Centre and was attended by university’s staff and hundreds of students others wearing their political organisation t-shirts.

EFFC took 8 out 16 seats and the rest shared by SASCO and National Students Movement (NASMO).

Newly sworn SRC President Sesiyanda Godlimpi delivered a 13 minutes long speech highlighting some of the things that they will do for students working together with the university management.

Gondlimpi started his speech by thanking students who voted them saying students decided in their majority to trust the EFFSC to lead them not to death but to life of peace and harmony.

‘’To lead them where frustrations and poverty will be the dream of yesterday’’

The issue of Sbux was the most highlighted one in the president’s speech. He said students elected them because as the EFFSC, they are genuinely committed to champion their burning issues such as Sbux and private accommodation.

‘’This issues demand our immediate attention as we assume this new responsibility at the EFF led SRC,’’ said Godlimpi.
Godlimpi also talked about their plans of addressing the issues of ‘racist lecturers’ at the university.

‘’We will visit City campus and listen to our students and to address those racist lecturers and HOD’s,’’ he said.

He concluded by giving assurance to the community of DUT that they will lead the university with order and stability.

Listen to the clip below for the full speech and students views on it.

Audio collected by Matt Tsolo



By Mndaba Lindelani


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