Human Rights! We have come a long way!

We learn about human rights from an early age and in South Africa it comes with a deep history. As much as we know our rights and the responsibilities that come with them. Now do we really understand the rights and the responsibilities and the power they carry in human of South Africa.

What are human rights?
Human rights are the basic rights that everyone has, simply because
they are human. They do not have to be earned and they are not
privileges which someone gives to you. You have them from the
moment you are born. Because they are rights, they cannot be taken

Rights and responsibilities
Because everyone has human rights, we must make sure that we respect
other people’s rights. If we want our rights to be respected,
we must not do anything that violates* another person’s rights.
Also, these rights do not replace the laws we already have, and so
we must respect these laws as well.

What is the Bill of Rights?
The Bill of Rights is a list of human rights which everyone has. It
can be found in Chapter 2 of our new Constitution.

Take a look at your rights and responsibilities as the youth of South Africa.

Bill of Rights

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