How do you plan to say ‘I love you’ to him or her?

It is the month of love and which means it’s an opportunity to show that special someone how much they mean to you. Perhaps you plan to spoil them rotten or maybe simplicity is the ultimate goal through a tranquil home, a cooked meal and some fresh company. Either way it’s the thought that counts.

When it comes to the significance of this month it is vital to comprehend what it is all about before we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves or perhaps have high expectations from your partner. You may be single or cannot afford to spoil your partner, but you will be amazed at how small things, like giving them a call wherever they are and telling them you love them can make a huge difference. If you have not met that special someone yet, there is absolutely no need to panic, simply look around you and you will be amazed how much love you, can pour out to the people who are already in your life. It could be your mother, your sister, brother, cousin or even yourself, after all it is not a bad idea to look at yourself in the mirror and simply say I love you, because you too are special whether the person next to you acknowledges it or not.

A 22 year old man by the name of Zola Ntintili who is a Jewellery Design student at DUT, says for him February is an important month where people should embrace the opportunity of being in love and also respect it. When asked how he plans to say ‘I love you’ to that special person in his life. “I will go with the flow and spoil her if I can and also keep it simple and natural in order to maintain balance”, he said cheerfully.

On the other hand Nomfundo Dube who is also a Jewellery Design student, has been dating her man for two years now and says this month means no big deal for her. “I show my man every day that I love him hence I don’t believe that there should be a specific day or month where I do something special for him”, she emphasised.

An exceptional poet once said: ‘Love is kind, love is gentle and it does not force itself to anyone’. So whatever you may choose to engage in during this love month going forward, remember to allow the light of love to lead the way. Why? Because love heals, love mends, love is beautiful and most of all, love is life.

– Dumisile Litsa Masuku

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