With the long weekend in full swing, granted most South African homes will be packed with extended family and or friends to join in on the festivities.

There are simple rules to follow when hosting such as flexibility, lots of food and flowing beverages;

  1. Guests rules on the other hand are a bit trickier, here are a few guidelines to ensure you don’t become a houseguest from hell!

  2. Use common sense where animals are concerned: Never feed them anything, don’t assume that it’s okay to pet them, and never criticize their behavior. The rules for children are roughly the same.

  3. Don’t ask for things. Forcing the host to go on a search for the thing, which he or she may not even have.Houseguests should try their best to pack for their needs. This principle goes double for items that they may need in the middle of the night, like tummy medicine or a decongestant.

  4. Guests should always make their beds, pick up after themselves, and help out when they see something that needs doing. They should not, however, offer to give the carpet a deep cleaning — because that might be seen as a teeny critique of the host’s housekeeping.

  5. Don’t take your hosts possessions! Not unless offered, don’t grow sticky fingers and start chucking things in your bag.

By Thandeka Hlongwa

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