Holidays are just around the corner, eat mindful and avoid weight gain!!


Avoiding weight gain during holidays may not be an easy thing to do but it is very good for your health.

Most students have been eating unhealthy food for the whole semester at res. When you walk around campus during lunch time, it is very rare to come across a student eating fruits or vegetables. They are used to what is being offered by tuckshops from the Food court, which almost 80% of it is junk.

If we can use these holidays to take a break from junk and eat more of grains & cereals for breakfast, grill or steam food instead of frying it.

One of my friends once told me that healthy food is expensive compared to unhealthy food, which was actually not true.

However, if you also have the same mind-set as the one of my friend, relax I got you. I understand that budget is tight for most of us and we are doing whatever it takes to save more money for rainy days. With the weakening of the rand, rising of tax and rapid increase of food prices, we can still manage to include healthy food in our groceries.

Budget-Friendly vegetables that you  must include in your meals:

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By Mndaba Lindelani

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