Here’s What You Missed At the First UTE Panel Discussion

Panelists during the discussion.
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Radio-DUT’s Afternoon shutdown host Matt Tsolo represented us while hosting the first DUT University talks and engagement’s (UTE) panel discussion.

After all the unfortunate and shocking events that took place this year at DUT, UTE was to reflect on those events and take a stand to reclaim the university’s identity under the #IMDUT.

Before the presentations and panel discussion Sihle Mbanjwa the director of student services took the stand to iron out what the event was about and what it aimed to do.

Mbanjwa highlighted how happy they are as the university to have this opportunity to reflect on what had happened in the institution, he raised questions that we should ask ourselves:

1) what is it that we could’ve done to prevent this?

2) what went through your mind when the events occurred?

3) moving forward, what is it we need to do to prevent what had happened? He also pleaded with the students that they should be the change they want to see in DUT.

On the panel was the Student Counselling; Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching; Student Christian Organisation; Disability Rights Unit; Enactus; and ICON.

Each team did their presentation explaining what services they offer, what activities they do to engage with students, and how they raise awareness about the availability of their services. The aim of the event also involved discussing the burning issues and trying to find solutions.

After the presentations, students were given the floor to ask the ask questions.

Amongst many questions that were asked the common one was: how are the different services making sure to reach out to students?

The main concern was also the shortage of staff members at the student counselling centre.

The different services answered to the questions and cleared on how to operate moving forward for the benefits of the students.

Students are encouraged to utilise the student services available to them.


Nonhlanhla Hlatshwayo

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