Here is your summarized version of the DUT Statement

You most probably opened your dut4life email address and found and email with the subject matter “DUT Statement – 24 July”, right?

Let us summarise it for you and make everything much easier.

In light of the recent protests that have been taking place on campus and also the burning of a PHD student’s car, the institution’s management has now released a statement addressing these issues.

The university said in their statement that they are aware of what has been happening and they have been preparing from as early as June 2019.

“May we hasten to note that Management did all it could do to prepare for the protests, during this time.”, read the statement.

However these are the most important things for you to know:

  1. Whoever is responsible for burning the car, will be arrested when found. The police will “leave no stone unturned” when it comes to this issue.
  2. The SRC had a meeting with the Dean of Students, Dr Maditsane Nkonoane and his team at Student Services on Mandela day, which was reported to be “constructive and productive”, however the SRC didn’t pitch for their meeting on Monday the 22nd.
  3. There are a new set of rules available with regards to protests. (Continue reading for more).

Why should you care?

Well, in the beginning of the year, the University filed for a court interdict which made strikes within 150meters of any DUT campus illegal. One other condition was that there should be no intimidation of any student or staff members. This has resulted in the arrest of people who have went against this interdict.

So what now?

The university and the SRC now have new guidelines with regards to protests.

  1. There should be evidence documented in any way should the SRC and Student Services fails to reach a resolution for any issues that might arise, and the university has the power to resolve.
  2. All internal communication between the SRC and Student Services should be documented as well.
  3. Any protest action should be planed and communicated with the Student Services.
  4. Requests and notices for strikes should be communicated well in advance to ensure that all those needed to be part of the protest are involved, including the police.

The university is in talks with the SRC to resolve any issues and mentioned that student issues should not be “politicised”.

Furthermore, the safety of staff and students seems to be a priority and measures to ensure that they are safe will continuously be taken and no violence or any criminal activities will be tolerated.

Matshidiso Tsolo

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