Students led by SASCO-DUT marched from ML Sultan to Steve Biko Campus to take a stand against any form of violence directed to women and children today, 24 May 2017.

SASCO-DUT says hands off our sisters and children and enough is enough.
Secretary of SASCO, Mivuyo Stix Makaba says that the aim of the march was to voice out the issues we face around campuses, residences and there is a national outcry of human trafficking which we are directly and indirectly involved.
“There has been many cases reported of students being kidnapped and some shot and we are saying enough is enough and we are taking a stand as students”, said Makaba.
Siphi Msani, 3rd year Sports and Management student says that she is so scared right now with all the kidnapping happening around campuses and residences.
“I have decided to go back home, because I don’t feel safe at res and I will not attend my lectures for a while until this whole abduction calms down. I fear that this could happen to me at any time, because it has been happening around us and we do not know why it is happening”, said Msani.
Culolethu Nontobeko Mkhize, 3rd year PR student says that she now lives and walks in fear.
“I fear for my life as I walk to and from campus and work, because I have to be alert at all times. We now live in paranoia, because I do not trust anyone I see around me. This abduction of women has to stop” said Mkhize.
The SASCO-DUT have compiled a memorandum that will be submitted to SAPS, DUT and Ward councillor, which states that there must be patrol vans around campuses, streetlights on Ritson Road are not working, all the trees at the Botanic Garden Road should be cut and residences like Sterling have no buses to transport students to and from campus which leads to students becoming exposed to such. We ask for DUT to give the students buses or 24/7 protection against the abduction.

Listen below at students fears on the abduction:

By: Nqobile Maphalala


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