Gender Imbalance needs to be tackled


Did you know that most women are still getting paid less as compared to their male counterparts?

So, as we are approaching the Women’s Month, figures by the Guardian App reveals that men are paid more than women in 7 795 out of 10 016 companies and public based in Britain.

In South Africa, most companies do not have transparency which contributes to inequitable wages amongst male and female staff.

As per survey done by The Pulse in 2017, there is a payment gap at top earners, men are earning 39% more than women at a similar level.

What might be the barrier to closing the gap is the fact that there are some structural inequalities in the workplace. Some of the most destructive gender inequalities are exposed within Human Resources (HRs). That affect the hiring, training, pay, and promotion of women.

Do you think gender imbalance does still exist? What do you think needs to be done to fight against this matter?

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By Mndaba Lindelani


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