Future Beats Radio

Future Beats is a Youth Development and HIV Prevention programme implemented and funded by HEAIDS and the German International Cooperation (GIZ).

The main aim of the project is to establish radio and social media programmes at university and community radio stations in South Africa that aim to create greater awareness concerning HIV/AIDS and issues related to HIV/AIDS in South Africa, e.g. human rights and social justice, social transformation, poverty, youth unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse.

Radio programme managers and journalists will be trained to use different and innovative radio and social media formats to discuss HIV-related issues. The project aims to empower radio staff to produce radio and social media content that allows their young listeners to engage with the issue without feeling “HIV fatigued”. The dialogue about topics raised in the radio programmes will continue on the different social media sites that form part of the project. The radio stations participating in the project are closely supervised by an experienced Editor who supports the stations in implementing HIV and AIDS related radio and social media content.

This feature is hosted by @SboDaKing every Monday and Thursday  @ 10:30 on the Feel Good Breakfast supported by DUT HIV & Aids Centre.

Listen LIVE : radiodut.ndtsream.net