Medical male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin, the retractable skin that covers the head of the penis. It is a simple and safe procedure that is performed by a qualified doctor, healthcare worker or at the mountain (entabeni).
Do you prefer dating a circumcised guy or not? Is the sex the same between a circumcised and uncircumcised guy?
Nana says: I prefer dating circumcised guys, there is a difference between an uncircumcised guy, and the sex is great if his circumcised and besides the fact that he’s unlikely to contract STD’s.
Nomfundo says: I don’t mind dating an uncircumcised guy as long as we use protection. There is no difference in having sex with a circumcised guy or not, circumcision decreases the chances of getting diseases and it got nothing to do with the best sex, as long as you know your business we are cool.
Sthembile says: I prefer dating a circumcised guy as it prevents sexual diseases like infections, STI’s and STD’s. Well there is a huge difference it’s more enjoyable if it is circumcised.
Babalwa says: I have never dated an uncircumcised guy and I always use protection so I guess there is no difference.
Cindy says: I would prefer a circumcised guy, because of health implications, hygienic preferences and so that I am less vulnerable to diseases such as STI’s, STD’s and cervical cancer.
Circumcision has many benefits, it improves your hygiene as it is easier to keep the head of the penis clean, reduces your risk of sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, genital warts and herpes, reduces your risk of HIV infection as it decreases the risk of tearing and bruising that can be an entry point for HIV, removes certain cells within the foreskin that act as an entry point for HIV, lowers the risk of penile cancer and reduces your partner’s chances of having cervical cancer.
What circumcision doesn’t do is it reduces but does not remove the risk of HIV infection and STI’s. Circumcised men must still use a condom. If you are HIV positive, circumcision will not protect your partner from HIV. Even if you are circumcised, you must use condoms at all times to protect your partner from HIV. Even if she is positive, you must use a condom to protect both of you from re-infection.

By: Nqobile Maphalala



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