Even though the month of March has passed, it is important to raise awareness around bisexual during Health Awareness Month, which is April as minority groups are often ignored in directing health information.
Today we will be discussing some of the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. Do you think society caters for bisexuals when it comes to healthcare? Do you think bisexual people are judged in a particular way when entering a health clinic?
Sizwe Erasmus Mkhize, Btech student in Language and Translation says that society is not well educated about the LGBTI community and some are just being arrogant.
“We can’t be sure, however from every day experience we learn that society still have that element of mistreating the LGBTI community, “said Mkhize.
Nomawethu Cindy Msimango, Marketing student and RadioDUT’s intern says that people should just accept people for who and what they are.
“I feel like in the era we live in, bisexuality is becoming a norm if you still ill-treat or side eye them, then you are totally wrong, ” said Msimango.
A bisexual is a person who is sexually and romantically attracted towards people of the same sexes. This does not mean that one has to have two simultaneous partners at the same time.
Dillen Gounden, Executive member of the LGBTI Shadows in the Rainbow says that when he was young he knew that he was different from the other boys, yet he wasn’t sure what was different about him.
“Being bisexual is difficult because at one point you think that you are like other boys and attracted to girls and then you realize that you are also attracted to boys. It took a lot of my teenage years to figure out what bisexual meant, I did research as I was intrigued about this attraction,” said Gounden.
Gounden added that not all clinics or health facilities judge the LGBTI community, but most clinic still judge especially the homosexuals and bisexuals. There is a stigma that runs with bisexual people that they are promiscuous.
Education and awareness is vital, especially to our healthcare practitioners who have grown up in a different time and trained in a different time that bisexuals like any other people are normal people and deserve to be treated equally and not discriminated. The fundamental points across all healthcare facilities must be an unbiased and non-prejudice observer.




By:Nqobile Maphalala


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