Emtee apologises for Exposed Manhood

Emtee (Mthembeni Ndevu) has come out to apologize for flashing his manhood earlier today.

The rapper shook the country after he ‘accidentally’ showed his private part in a Instagram live video, where he is interacting with his followers then he moves his hand down which reveals his manhood while he is peeing. The rapper has been trending all morning after people took screen shots of the video and were poking fun at the situation

The Roll Up hitmaker posted another Instagram live video of himself explaining that the incident was a mistake and even likened it to a person burning eggs by mistake because they turned the heat on the stove too high.

In the first video he can be heard saying “I hope you didn’t see my d..k by accident,” and in the second video he questions why people didn’t take note of that.

“I was in the toilet and answering fans’ questions on Instagram live. I needed to pee but without thinking I used the same hand I was holding my phone, while I was doing my thing and used the same hand to flush. I didn’t even think about it until I realised what I had done and I immediately apologised. I was like ‘oh, no!, ” he added.


Tweeter users scrutinised the  matter as has come to be expected with some being appalled, some on the rappers side and others just having fun with the whole situation.

Even Fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest joined the rest of Tweeter and poked fun at Emtee.


By: Naledi Sikhakhane



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