The Durban University of Technology’s staff members have stopped all work on the 15th of January 2018, the staff members decided to express their dissatisfaction and have state that what they get every month is not enough for their standard of living, and have the following demands: a 10% increase on their salary, R400 increase on their housing allowance and a once off bonus of R9000.

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The Durban University of Technology staff members have been embarking on this strike for eight weeks now and on Thursday morning the report back from the negotiation table came back.

The committee chairpersons reported that the University had tabled that they can give the staff members 7% increase, R200 on the housing allowance and take the R9000 off the table. The members have expressed their different views about the negotiations and set to go back to the table once they have reached a decision tomorrow.

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For now the some parts of the university is functional.

Phumzile Mavuka

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