EFF Students Command Disputes Election Results

The EFF Student Command has come out in dispute of the upcoming election results recently held at the Durban University of Technology.

Members of the party found stamped ballot papers, voting EFF, scattered on the grounds of Steve Biko campus this morning, which they question majorly.

According to the EFFSC, it is against the Constitution for the papers to be released at this point.

“The ballot papers are supposed to be disposed 90 days after the elections, we need answers as to why they are already released”, said an EFF member.

The party’s Chairperson, Philani Gazuzu Nduli said that they demand a re-run of the elections.

“We demand a re-run of the elections, as they were not free and fair,” he said.

The student body will submit a memorandum and are planning on signing a petition to demand a re-run of elections as the Constitution allows.


By: Pamela Sibiya

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