2018 SCR Inauguration during the National Anthem.

The SRC elections 2019 are on and the countdown has begun.

So if you are a first year student, I am sure you have noticed some buzz around campus with elections going on, right?

58 candidates from both the Durban & Midlands campuses stand a chance to be part of the 15 members of the SRC.

SRC stands for Students’ Representative Council, this council shall represent students in negotiations and interactions with the University’s structures.

Besides that, these are some of the functions of the SRC:

  • The SRC shall, in conjunction with the Department of Student Governance and Development, keep accounts of all monies spent by and accruing to it. The SRC shall allocate funds for student activities in consultation with recognized clubs, societies and organizations.
  • The SRC shall organize extra-mural activities for students in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.
  • The SRC shall co-ordinate student involvement in both community and student development projects it initiates.
  • The SRC shall hold at least one public feedback meeting before the end of each semester.
  • The SRC shall consult all student clubs, societies and organizations before making decisions that affect these structures.

For more of these powers and functions, click on dut.ac.za for the SRC constitution.

All registered DUT students are eligible to vote for whoever they wish to be in power.

Voting polls open early on 27,28 & 29 August across the Durban and Midlands campuses and those voting should carry their student cards.

There will be ‘special’ voting for those who couldn’t go to the polls during the day. The voting polls will be at Steve Biko Residence on 27&29 August and 28 August at Alpine Residence, voting begins at 7pm.

The final results will be made available on all DUT notice boards on the 3rd of September 2019 with the Inauguration taking place 3 days later on September 6 at Steve Biko Campus’ Fred Crook’s Sport Centre!

Matshidiso Tsolo

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