DUT Staff continue to Strike! #Update

The Durban University of Technology’s management is still under fire as the university’s staff is still on strike. This comes on the week of registration week as it was supposed to start yesterday.

The Durban University of Technology’s staff members have stopped all registration proceedings that were supposed to start this Monday, the staff members are not happy and state that what they get every month is not enough for their standard of living, and have the following demands: a 10% increase on their salary, R200 increase on their housing allowance and an increase on their yearly bonuses.

Today they demonstrated from ML Sultan Campus to the Steve Biko campus requesting all workers who are in their offices to leave and join them as a united front. They reported that they are going to continue the strike as tomorrow they plan to demonstrate in protest from ML Sultan at 08:30am and go to Steve Biko Campus to the relevant offices.

Registration is still put on hold.

Article update: http://radiodut.co.za/registration-on-hold-due-to-nehawu-strike/

Phumzile Mavuka

Photo By: Nobuntu Reena Dlamini


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