Back to campus!!

It is that most challenging and frustrating period of the month for university students. Second semester comes with challenges that requires the student to have control over.

Most student always finds it very hard to balance their school work and relationships. Being in a relationship, might be with your friend or soulmate, and also paying more attention in your school tasks need someone who is able to dodge more obstacles. In the process of avoiding hindrances, everyone around you expect you to do so, without neglecting them.

So, if you are seating there wondering how are you going to balance work, school, intimate relationships, social relationships, social life, yourself, and your family all the while, do not worry because we have your back.

Tips on how to balance school work and relationships:

  1. Cut down on any other distractions
  2. Make studying a priority
  3. Let everyone know your schedule
  4. Take time out for yourself ( me time)
  5. Set boundaries

By Mndaba Lindelani

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