Award Winning Junior Lavie Chats Business and Events! #NewBizChat


Junior Lavie  mostly known as the events maestro in Durban, is one of those guys that really hustle until something happens.

He is  the founder of  Ink party in South Africa, Junior Lavie started the Ink Party in 2011 with just focusing on school children partying hard after a hard year of exams and they just needed to have fun and enjoy themselves but when the initiative did not pick up at the end of that year he moved it to Johannesburg and it grew in it’s popularity and became one of the biggest ink parties most university students started to attend.

In this instance Junior learned that starting a business can sometimes take a turn you as business owner did not plan upon

Denmark Vee got to chat to Junior Lavie and explore how his business started and how he made it a success up to this far.

“ F_INK party was created for people that enjoy music and love to have fun to come together and have a great time in the same space,” Junior Lavie said.

He also adds that he was disappointed when it didn’t become as successful in his home town Durban but he didn’t give up on believing on the F_INK party that it will grow in Durban too. And today indeed it has become a big deal amongst students and the youth of Durban.

He believes a new beginner in business needs patience and persistence and believe in their hustle. Have  a “never give up spirit” to keep them going.


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