Avoid being victim of crime on campus

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS)has taken a decison of abandoning SMS channnels due to fraudulent activitivities.

The scheme says they will no longer be communicating with students via SMSes durintg the 2019 academic year. NSFAS advised s to only use the myNSFAS Online Self-Service Portal to check their application status.

NSFAS Administrator, Dr Randall Carolissen said there are unidentified attackers posing as their representatives and sending out emails requesting applicants and progressing students to update their account information by clicking on an embedded link.

“We would like to warn all the applicants, students and parents to be aware of these fraudsters
and take extra care when dealing with their personal information online or over the phone,” he said.

NSFAS is currently working with law enforcement agencies to investigate the matter.

Besides fake NSFAS representatives, there are some form of fraudulent activities directed to students going around.

Fly-by-night colleges

Students seeking for study opportunities at institutions of higher learning are also at risk of losing their money from unaccredited (fly-by-night) private colleges.

Every year, incidents of fly-by-night colleges in South Africa are reported with firts time applicants being main victims.

Spaces in universities are always limited which results in large number of qualifying students being rejected. Private colleges then becomes every student’s second option and some end up not checking if the college is registered or not.

Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) urged prospecting students and parents to beware of the private institutions of higher education and training that are not registered.


Students and their parents are also becoming victims of pickpocketing that usually occur during registration period. They are warned to be aware of smooth talking pickpocket who are not affraid of robbing in broad daylight.

Cases of students being robbed of their valuable belongings are always reported during this time of the year.

Students ought to be also aware of trusting strangers with their personal details like banking details, ID number, and etc.

By Mndaba Lindelani



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