Arts Boot Camp for the Durban Youth

The Youth Art Boot Camp (YABC) held their second day of the three day boot camp yesterday, at the Playhouse in Durban.

The boot camp is about building the youth in the arts industry. Amongst the mentors that were there was Nomalanga Shozi, Soul Candi and Cash Time Life to mention a few. Sandile “GQ” from MTV was the MC for the day.

“I think branding is the most important thing when you are a presenter, I mean how you dress and carry yourself in public is important,” Nomalanga Shozi commented.

The aim of the initiative is to give the youth in arts to find identity within themselves and know where they belong within the industry.

Amongst the big names that made it to the boot camp was Actress and choreographer Lorcia Cooper, Musicisan Zakes Batwini, DJ Happy Girl and Black Motion.

The boot camp ends off on the 16th of June 2017 (Today).

Phumzile Mavuka

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