Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Arena turns into chaos and horror after twenty two people have been declared killed and at least 59 injured after a suspected terrorist bombing.
This bombing is the worst terror attack after the 7 July London bombings that took place in 2005, killing 56 people in UK.
Supplied footage showed thousands of people fleeing the arena panicking and running for their lives, after an explosion ripped through the foyer as people ran out of the arena at 10.33pm.
The explosion is said to be have been heard coming from outside the auditorium after Ariana had finished her show and left the stage. The confusion rose on social media on whether the loud bang must have been gun shot or an exploding speaker, yet police have confirmed that the incident was terrorism.
Reuters reported that US intelligence sources believe the attack may have been the work of a suicide bomber, although this is unconfirmed.

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