Are YOU Responsible? Do You Shift YOUR Responsibilities Onto Your Partner?

Very often, the debate about whose responsibility it is to initiate condom use in a relationship erupts among our friendship groups.

Let’s face it, it is both yours and your partner’s responsibility to use a condom during sex, well because the consequences of not using it will affect the two of you.

This question reveals and exposes gender equality associated issues and the sense of taking responsibility.

A study shows that there is a link between HIV and Gender Inequality. Gender equality can affect a relationship in many ways including sexual activities, which connects it to the issue of initiating condom use.

If there is no equality or understanding in a relationship, there is bound to be unnecessary pressure to conform to unwanted actions.

Therefore one should note that if there’s equality in a relationship, there is good communication and equal responsibility.

It is the parties’ equal responsibility to ensure condom use.

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