Are you free on social media?

Social media has become a necessary tool in recruitment agencies and what you post may be held against you.

According to specialist technology attorney Russel Luck, in terms of South African law, an employee that expresses opinions on social media may be subject to both damages claims from the employer, as well as dismissal.

Social media is a platform that encourages users to post in their personal capacity. It allows people to interact on a regular basis. Most users post their personal feelings about situations which land them in trouble.

Another reason for users to think twice before posting something is because everything you post is stored on a data base and can be held against you later on.

Sandile Zikhali, a student at DUT said that he does not post anything personal on Facebook and only uses it to interact with others.

Another student, Sibusiso Shange, mentioned that he uses Twitter to post anything that he is experiencing. If he is unhappy with someone or something he makes it known on Twitter.

The law regarding social media in South Africa does not allow you to post something about your employer that may be interpreted maliciously. According to Luck, the employee could use the defence of the post being the truth and in public interest, which may excuse the employee of litigation damages. However, this may not stop the employee from being dismissed.

–┬áLaeeka Edries

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