Are you coming to the Youth Art Boot Camp?

Nomalanga Shozi telling Radiodut listeners more about the Youth Art Boot Camp that will take place at the Moses Mabhida Stadium. Photo: Themebelenkosini Makhuba

On Tuesday we had a chance of having a conversation with Nomalanga Shozi of iGagasi FM radio station. She will be hosting Youth Art Boot Camp alongside Sandile GQ at Moses Mabhida Stadium from the 14th to the 16th of June 2018.

Youth Arts Boot Camp is a Youthful creative industry concept that is pioneered by Durban born young people who have been in the arts industry and in particular music and entertainment for several years.

Shozi said the event is for young people who have hopes and dreams to be to be in the art entertainment to come and interact with people who have experience with the respective field.

“It is such a great opportunity, we hardly have events like this happening in Durban particularly for the Youth where it is not involving alcohol,” Shozi said.

Shozi said it is going to be a cool way to interact with some of the people and actually getting to learn from them. She advised people to quickly go register online on their websites and get free tickets while spaces are still available.

As we are in Youth Month celebrations, Shozi said she would like to see young people making things happen.

“It is another thing to seat and dream, but it is another thing to put it in that work,” said Shozi.

According to her, young people should not wait for everything handed or given to them, all they need to do is getting up, showing up and flame.

She encouraged young people who have interest in music, film, fashion and those who have their brands to come and sell their things.


Have you registered online for your free ticket?

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By Mndaba Lindelani


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