[PODCAST] #AmINext? Female students share their concerns on safety

While the country is in great shock and women continue to live in fear of their life after it was reported that University of Cape Town student Uyinene Mrwetyana was raped and murdered after she went missing.

One of the UCT students Peroca Sithole who witnessed all the events of Uyinene’s search is left traumatised and fear if she’s next as this happened to one of her peers.

A 42 year old man has been charged with murder and rape in connection of Uyinene’s disappearance. This has left us with the confirmation that Uyinene was murdered and raped.

This has left the whole country in shock and mostly fear for a lot of women, wondering if they are next.

Seemingly with everything that’s happening in South Africa, it is not a safe place for women.

Some women have taken their outrage on social media platforms under the hash tag #AmINext questioning their safety in this country.

According to reports Uyinene was allegedly murdered by a Post Office employee when she went to collect a parcel there. The events of this incident are exactly what sparked fear within women and the rest of the country.

Uyinene allegedly went to the Post Office to collect a parcel, and she was raped and murdered, she was not out at night wearing something revealing as a lot of people would believe that’s what would lead to rape.

Women all over the country have joined forces to raise awareness of their fearful lives and the dangers they have encountered by just being a woman in this country.

Listen to students from different institutions as they share how scared they are knowing what happens to women every day in this country.

Nonhlanhla Hlatshwayo

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