Ambititouz Entertainment graces the studio of RadioDUT to talk about the projects they have been working on and the SAMA nominations.
Q&A Session with Siphi Msani and Ambititouz Entertainment
Priddy Ugly: How does it feel to be part of the team?
A: I am very happy to be part of the team, we moving us in Durban now. There is a lot of love in the music. I have a new single out In The Mood, the video is out as well on YouTube you can stream it. Get the single for free but you can buy as well. I prefer you support it and it doing so well it features Saudi, In The Mood it’s dope.
Kly: What more should we expect?
A: We have Snap Dash out right now ft Pantoranking and Emtee is already out. I have got a whole lot of music there’s going to be more music out.
La Sauce: How has the song been doing?
A: Cooler Bag has been dropped this year and pushing very well. The music video is out on YouTube people can watch and enjoy. I plan on releasing an album later this year.
Saudi: We’ve seen you have made a lot of features in many songs. What more should we expect from you?
A: I have a new project that I am working on, Drugs Ink debut project to my first EP. It is by far the best work in my life. I also have a single coming out soon in a few days’ time.
Emtee: Tell us more about Ghetto Hero.
A: The song is about the shining line on the hero’s that are not well known in everybody’s neighbourhood there is a guy that a Ghetto Hero is helping out and wanting nothing in return. Hero’s that inspired me are the likes of Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko. People move up and when they get to a certain level they feel they shouldn’t go back to the rural life and it’s those who are out there that have become something.
Miss Pru: Tell us about the nominations of the SAMA Awards
A: I am very excited to be nominated for the SAMA’s, they are huge. I am nominated for Best Video-Ameni, Best Collaboration and Record of The Year. My future plans are to focus on CSI projects which we have been working on giving back to others and giving out food, sanitary towels and money.

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