Capitalizing off her 2019 Grammy award hosting momentum, Alicia Keys dropped a new video.


The singer-songwriter announced the new track and video via her Instagram account. She shared a snippet of the video, and wrote, “I just dropped something for y’all! I was in the studio and I wanted to VIBEEEEE out! My friends were there, my Gen was there!! The energy just felt so right in the room that I wanted to share it with y’all. Can you feel me!??? Check out the video vibes on my youtube, link in bio! (Check my story)”

The Bill Stein-directed video features Keys doing what she does best, sitting at a piano singing to an absent lover. “Every time you’re around me, I feel virgin all over again. And every time you’re around me. How can I renege? Boy, I just need your hand,” she sings. “Is it okay that I’m not independent? Is it okay that I show weakness?”

Surrounded by her friends in a retro Tommy Hilfiger jacket, Keys then picks up her son, Genesis and spins him around while snapping her fingers to the track.

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