AKA himself with Fikile Mbalula and Jessica Nkosi. Picture credit: hiphopmagsa.co.za

We all know about the feud between Economic Freedom Fighters, Julius Malema and SuperMega himself that blew up on twitter after the rapper through numerous tweets exposed his political party and his decision to boycott all DA and EFF events.

Well that war that was ignited seems to be far from seeing an end.

Once again this Wednesday after Malema addressed the press, he once again mentioned when speaking about the ANC and how they used celebrities to allure voters.

Malema stated: “We are not going to have a country run y druggies called celebrities. We are humiliating them now.”

As much as he did not mention any names to be more specific, the hip-hop rapper felt the statement was directed at him.

In response to this the rapper tweeted: “”If Julius was indeed referring to me, man what a day!! With everything on his plate, and he still has time to think of me?! I’m honored (sic).”


The fued between julius Malema and AKA continues. picture credit: twitter

It’s most certain these two are like water and oil.

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