A platform for creative junkies to showcase their talents


Performers around Durban are invited by Dial and Mind to showcase their talents for Rebel Denim Thursday Battle (RDTB) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). The RDTB will be a battle session between performers (rappers and dancers), there will be prizes to be won.

The session was meant be hosted every first Thursday of each month at 12H00 at the Upper Café (White Café). However, the first session will be held on Friday the 1st August. The session will open a pop up for “Stupreneurs” (student entrepreneurs) to market and sell their products on campus.

The overall goal is to expose creative junkies and prospective clients in the near future. It is also a platform that empowers the youth to showcase their respective talents. This is for the development of skills among the Durban youth.

Fundiswa Zungu

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