Upcoming artist Dxxbxy making waves with different sound.

Upcoming artist DxxBxy is making waves with his latest release ‘Types Yam’, but he admits it took some time to find his sound.

Dxxbxy whose real name is Ntando Dox Madondo calls his sound the African Drum, which is influenced by the western origins of hip hop with indigenous African sounds. The artist who hails from Pietermaritzburg says his interest in music making was picked when his friend taught him how to use virtual studio beat making software back in 2009. DxxBxy’s friend was into house music and so he was the influence that led him to try making house music.

“He loved house music so I went home to try make my own music and it was horrible,” DxxBxy revealed in an interview with Matt Tsolo of the Early Bird Show earlier today.

The final nail on the musicians’ house days however came after his friend convinced him to burn his house creations into a disc, which by his own admission were ‘horrible’.

“One day we took a taxi to town and he gave his CD to the taxi driver and he asked the driver to play the 4th track which was the weakest song you have ever heard, I was so embarrassed,” said DxxBxy.

Despite that challenge DxxBxy kept on at it and has had his song picking up steadily, even getting his supporters posting sing along videos on social media and Types Yam is featured on music, youth lifestyle site SlikourOnLife.

“After time I evolved, cause I realised I like hip hop and started making some hip hop,” added DxxBxy.


To find out more about his stage name, and future plans listen to the full interview below.

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By: Naledi Sikhakhane


Images: Instagram & Nobuntu Dlamini


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