Every Thursday for the past 5 weeks Matt Tsolo has been speaking to different doctors and specialists about an HIV prevention pill called PrEP (short for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis).

Each week they focused on one aspect of HIV medication and also prevention methods.

Taken daily, by an HIV negative person in conjunction with other prevention methods such as the use of condoms, regular screenings of STIs and STDs, PrEP is over 90% effective.

Last week, Bright Ntengo was in for Matt Tsolo talking about parents and talking to their children freely about sex.

Bright spoke to Nomaliso Ngcivana from the Wits Reproductive Health and HIV Institute. Listen to the podcast here.

In this last episode of MyPrep Matt Tsolo was joined by the brilliant Dr Sindi Van Zyl who uses social media to spread the message about HIV and an even more positive message about PrEP. Check out her tweets @sindivanzyl

Also in Studio a DUT female student who has been using PrEP for two months to share her journey and some to whoever who might be interested in the pill.

Things to note:

  1. PrEP is taken by HIV negative people who are at risk.
  2. PrEP is not a vaccine.
  3. It protects you from HIV but not STIs, STDs, pregnancy and so forth which means that the use of condoms is important.
  4. PrEP should be taken ONCE DAILY TO BE EFFECTIVE.
  5. PrEP is FREE at Pinetown Clinic and Lancers Road Clinic in the eThekwini cluster. For more details go to www.myprep.co.za .

Listen to the FULL show podcast below:

Brought to you by RadioDUT Wits Reproductive Health & HIV Institute, National Department of Health & HEAIDS.

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Matshidiso Tsolo

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